Create instruction manuals.

WAY is the ultimate software to create digital multi-platform instruction manuals. Forgive paper or pdf, instruction’s future is in the cloud, available directly from the web and apps.

Starting from €19,99/month

For maintenance or internal procedures.

In addition to the classic instruction manual for customers, WAY is the most straightforward solution to create maintenance manuals of industrial machinery and company’s internal procedures.

Easy to create, even easier to read.

Manuals created with WAY can be opened directly with the browser, without having to install any additional program. Their appearance makes them extremely intuitive, and, in addition to the regular text, they also support different types of multimedia content: images, videos, links and more.

Always up-to-date.

When a WAY gets changed, the update is automatically shown to all users, without even having to reload the page.

Analytics and feedbacks.

WAY collects user’s usage analytics, which allows you to understand which are the most visited parts of the manual, in order to identify any weaknesses in your product and determine the best possible solution.

In any language.

WAY allows, keeping the same core structure, to manage texts in any language simultaneously, and automatically shows the user the instructions in his language.

Embedded into your website.

Through an iframe, or a dedicated sub-domain, such as, it’s possible to integrate natively WAY in your website.

Open it with a touch.

Thanks to the WAY Reader technology, instructions created with WAY are opened instantly by simply placing the smartphone on an NFC-tag or scanning a QR Code.

Your own instruction app.

Each WAY can also be distributed as a dedicated application for iOS and Android, working offline and capable of sending real-time notifications to your customers or collaborators.

Start now.

Text us to understand better how WAY can simplify instructions’ creation and management of your business.